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Fast - Easy - Profitable

Raise money for your group or organization through compiling your community's favorite original recipes in  “A Taste of (Insert town, school, or organization name) Cookbook.”

Step 1: Pick Your Program

  • Single group or organization receiving 50% profit (not including shipping).

  • One Parent Organization with subsidiaries, chapters, or several component groups participating. Each subsidiary would receive 40% profit and the parent organization would receive 15% profit (not including shipping). The parent organization pays setup fees.


Step 2: Pay a non-refundable $50 setup fee and fill out our Fundraiser Fundraiser Questionnaire.


Step 3: We will send you Google Drive Folders to upload the recipes you collect from your community by the deadline you set. (All recipes should be in a word processed document)


Step 4: The amount of recipes will determine book cost ($10-$20 each) and we will send you a PDF of an order form to use to collect your book orders.


Step 5: Send us your final order. (Minimum 50 items)


It’s That Easy!

Potential Profit = $5-10 per book!


Contact us at for more information!



Now offering online ordering with shipping anywhere in he country to better support your fundraising efforts!

Don't let COVID-19 stop your fundraising efforts!

This process is now 100% ONLINE!